Pictures Exhibited at Quilt Expo X, Lyon, France, 2006

SAQA Europe's Breaking Boundaries

Danish Countryside (156 x 127 cm)

This is the latest in a series of 'Denmark-pictures' inspired by the calm and pleasant countryside surrounding our town.

The Culture of My Country

Family in Focus (137 x 139 cm)

I spent some months two years ago just making 'family portraits', which I love doing. This picture was made in 2005 in the winter, using different shapes and colours in an attempt to illustrate the variety of family life.

Daily Denmark (134 x 108 cm)

I made my first Denmark-pictures after we joined the European Union, not knowing whether Denmark would disappear amongst the bigger countries. This picture is from December 2005/ January 2006 when we were dreaming of the warm summer to come.

Sunny Days in the South

Ancient Sunlight (148 x 146 cm)

My husband suggested the title, being an admirer of Henry Williamson, who named his major work The Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight, after a passage in Richard Jefferies' book The story of my Heart -

"Softly breathed the sweet south wind, gently the yellow corn waved beneath; the ancient, ancient sun shone on the fresh grass and the flower, my heart opened wide as the broad, broad earth."

Sunshine Dreams (120 x 130 cm)

Living in Denmark, where half the year is dull and dark, one spends a lot of time dreaming of the summer to come - waiting for the warmth, planning that holiday in the Sunny South.