Pictures exhibited in Hands All Around XXIII, International Quilt Festival, Houston, USA, 2007

Dream Houses (40 x 40 inches)

Like many of my pictures, this one began with the head of a woman (what I see when I look in the mirror). The two children followed naturally – and the cup of coffee, over which the problems of life are discussed.  I am trying out a new kind of ‘soft’ framing of my pictures and this one became filled with dreams of a better life.

(Illustrated in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, March 2008 and in Lark Crafts People and Portraits 2013)

Twins on Their Morning Walk  (36 x 48 inches)

The Danish countryside is close to my heart. What better than an early morning walk on a summer’s day, birds and children playing, sheep grazing safely? I wish I could capture the sounds and the smells in my pictures!  (The coffee cup is there again – should problems arise . . .)

(Illustrated in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, March 2008)